I’m always interested in auditioning people who want to model for me. Before applying, please read the information on this page carefully:
Do I need experience?
No, you do not need experience to apply, but you must have real commitment to modelling. If you are new to modelling, I will normally want you to do some “warm up” shoots with me to build up your confidence and skills in front of the camera. I won’t normally use the shots from these shoots.
What kind of photos and video do you do?
I’m producing fine art and sometimes projects on fashion and music. All of my personal projects are about fine art. Please don’t waste your time applying for modelling if you’re not happy showing your body in front of the camera.
What about nude?
I do nude photography, so if you’re looking for some artistic nude you are in the right place.
How good does my body need to be?
Ideally, I’m looking for a muse! Modelling isn’t about looking nice, it’s about being able to inspire. Email me your photo and let me know more about you (manolorem+modelling@gmail.com).
Where will my photos be seen?
As fine art and commercial photographer, I earn my money by selling the photos I take. Your photos could be seen on my and other website, art gallery, magazine and to publications aimed at arty people. I will only take shots of you if you sign a release form, which allows me to publish the shot without your permission anywhere. Google Standard Release Form.
Do I get free photos?
I will ONLY give you free digital copies of photos, which I’m happy of. So, even if you do a shoot for me and I take 100 shots, I will ONLY give you a copy of the ones I choose.
How much do I get paid?
Sorry, I can’t afford to pay for producing Art Photography unless I have a paid project to do.
Do I pay a registration fee or anything?
I will not charge you a penny for working with you. There is no registration fee and I don’t insist that you pay for any photos, even if you have no experience.
What happens then?
I look at your application and come back to you. If I like the look of you, We can meet, I’ll take a few photos of you to see how you look in front of the camera. I’ll normally tell you there and then if I’m interested in you.
Ready to apply?
Please include your contact information , Phone number name and a photo if possible. (a small jpeg, it does not have to be great ) . You must be at least 18 years old and be able to provide a state issued ID at the time of the photo shoot if you look under 21 years old. Contact me on manolorem+modelling@gmail.com
For Makeup Artists and Stylists:
I’m always looking for new makeup, hair, and wardrobe stylists who’d like to contribute to my artistic vision. If you’d like to apply, please send me an e-mail with your name, phone number, resume, and photographic samples of your work. I’d be glad to consider you for upcoming projects. Our first photo session will be conducted on a Time for digital copies (TFCD) basis. To ensure integrity in all of my paying projects, I don’t present artists or stylists to clients until I have worked with them on at least one TFP project
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