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Dorotea P London – Photo Shoot Time Lapse (video)

Dorotea P London 2015 collection – Photo Shoot Time Lapse from on Vimeo.

I’ve done this backstage video last year but I’ve never shared on here.

Photographer: Manolo Remiddi (me) –
Fashion Designer: Dorotea P London –
Model: Shobi McLean
Music: Weidroid – Blast Shield

An Hot Chocolate with Marta (TEST SHOOT Portraits)

An Hot Chocolate with Marta (TEST SHOOT Portraits)

Last saturday I’ve met with Marta for a little chat and to take a few snaps. I’m looking to produce some new portraits and I’m auditioning people that have sometime to inspire me. Those photos are taken inside a cafe in Portobello Market.




Video Teaser – Natacha Marro – 12 hours of pleasure

Video Teaser – Natacha Marro – 12 hours of pleasure – from on Vimeo.

Created, directed, produced and edited by
Manolo Remiddi (me) and Joanna Izowska
Designer: Natacha Marro –
Model: Isabella Teufel
Music: Dylan Thomas (The young & the restless)

A day out with Yuca (test shoot)
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A day out with Yuca (test shoot)

Today while I was going to check some locations for a photo shoot I have tomorrow I met Yuca, we both stopped to say hi to a cat that was checking the traffic on the Old Sreet roundabout.

I asked her if she would’ve liked to help me and be my model. She said ok, those are the photos I took of her and of some animals we met on the way.

Facebook blocked my account again, this time was for a photo I’ve posted 6 years ago of a fashion show. The female model wasn’t fully covered and this doesn’t meet Mark Zuckerberg”s discrimination policy. If the same photo was of a male model that would have been fine. Unless this man had boobs and looked feminine, then the photo wouldn’t be sharable on Facebook. (there’s some twisted logic in them that I still have to understand)
I could just stop posting those photos and avoid to be blocked every few months. But my mind doesn’t discriminate on women, and this will get me blocked again and eventually banned.
Unfortunately I can see that I’m getting more conscious and less spontaneous with my posts. Facebook is teaching me how to behave, teaching me a discriminative behaviour.
For this reason I’ve decided to stop posting on Facebook. My account stays active and I’ll be using it for messenging and to stay updated with my friend’s cats.
Fuck this shit, I’m out!


One year living in my Van

One year ago I’ve started living in a van. I’ve bought a small and old panel van and converted into my home, into my little spaceship. In this van I’ve mixed and mastered music, edited music video, edit a fashion short documentary, produced and recorded music. Edited endless photos. I made it my work place, my living space and my naughty play room. But wasn’t enough.

After almost one year I’ve realised that it could be a great location for shooting. I then found the right person to work with Lou Lou Reloulou.

The photos produced in my van are part of a ongoing project which is based on a significant collaboration between artists/performers and myself. In this project everything is a game, the guest artist is invited to personalise the interior of the van and make it her own. In this environment, challenges are given to the guest. During this interactive games I take photos and videos to capture the emotions that the performer creates. It was an innocent game but the photos that came out aren’t so innocent. 

See full gallery here.